Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Decluttering Continues

Hello Crafty Friends!

My Decluttering Journey continues...
but I have made significant progress.

Here's a couple of pictures:

Closet One:

What you're looking at from the bottom left:
those stacks of bins hold all the supplies for my March Class.

The large 3 drawer bin:
Bottom 2 are Ribbon and Twine
(this was a major declutter...I had 2 boxes of ribbon, now gone)
Top drawer:  Laminator and foiling supplies.  I will have a video soon on how to do this :)

Next Shelf: extra Big Hot platforms, grid paper, Cricut travel binders.
Next 2 shelves:  AC cardstock ( I use this when creating 3-D projects from SVG files...the coating and texture hold the projects better.  The holders contain DSP (another major declutter...what's left is still a lot, but it all sparked joy)

Top shelf:  Cricut Jukebox and travel totes.

On the side: Copic air compressor, laptop, tool box, MS punches, scrapbooks, mailing and packing supplies, box of door prizes and another travel tote.

Closet 2:

From Bottom: Travel tote. File drawers with all my SU business supplies my desk is right next to this...you can see a little peek of the corner, sewing & misc. bin with my light tablet on the top.

Next: bins for projects in progress.

2 large bins:  storage for Paper Pumpkin, finished items, small gifts, storage for refills and extra supplies, misc. crafting supplies.

Top of shelf:  Retired Ink Pads and Refills, my cataloged stamps and punches/dies.  Some embellishments I couldn't part with...I know I will use them on non-SU projects.

Drawers contain copy paper, GP cardstock, photo paper and scrapbook supplies.

2 drawers on my bar island:
Left: Washi Tape and Stickers
Right: embossing powders. (boy I really had a hard time weeding out these...I kept my absolute faves, plus there are duplicates in here as well.

Today I am more or less tidding up, with a few more little things to purge.  I've sorted and gotten rid of a lot of things...17 boxes to be exact!

I will show some more as I get it completed.

And, YES!  I will do a Video Craft Room Tour!

Thanks for taking time to stop and read this post!

Please leave me a comment below if you have any questions, suggestions, are decluttering your craft space...I would love to HEAR from you!
Important:  scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to leave a comment...there is some stuff after the post, so just keep going!

Thanks and Have a WONDERFUL day!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

My Konmari Decluttering Journey

Hello Friends!

No, I haven't fallen off the planet in case you are wondering.LOL

I've needed some personal and family time.  But before I get back into the swing of things...videos and tutorials and such...

It has come to my attention that my craft room/office has been playing a huge part in all the anxiety I've been feeling.  Really, I'm like a kid with too many toys.  I'm so overwhelmed that I don't know where to begin, that I have lost interest and inspiration, mojo, if you will. So like that kid...I just play with the box.  In my case the box being binge watching The Crown. I know! Right?

after hearing so much about the Konmari method of decluttering,  I decided to check it out.
The basic principal is to hold or touch everything and ask yourself,
"Does this spark joy?" and "Will I use this?"

It's harder than you think...
They are craft supplies...of course I love it all!  But realistically, I don't use 1/2 of it.

So when I say it's a "journey"..it truly is.

Here's a few pics..
Warning...it's a hot mess!

This is what I've managed to purge so far.  The paper bin and bag are scraps of paper that are useless, so they will be recycled.  The rest of it will be donated or given to my friends.  I may do a blog candy with some of the stuff that has never been used.

Embellishment Declutter

Traveling & Scrapbooking bags

More Embellishments & my desk!  

Now for some good news!

I have a brand new Granddaughter!  This past weekend was my annual scrapbooking weekend, so I started on her book:
(It was also good to get away from my mess!)

I have to say that by going through everything, I'm starting to feel more inspired!

My Goal is to have my room completed by the end of this weekend!  So hopefully I will have a nice clean and organized room to show you on Monday!


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